"I think it speaks volumes about the next generation as it is them who are the initiators and driving force behind commemorating the New Zealand Wars"
- NZ Herald, August 21st 2016, referring to Te Awamutu College students.
"Our rangatahi know what they are about to experience is going to explode their minds and are the start of the unleashing of some creative solutions"
- EPIC Innovation Magazine, 15th July 2016, Maori Rangatahi head to Silicon Valley.
"In the regions there are very few social services, so many roles have defaulted to highly regarded, on the ground kaumatua who work voluntarily with really difficult hard to reach whanau"
- Newstalk 6th July 2016
"We all need to challenge ourselves, this cannot be another set of words and endless discussions, it must be about action on the ground that is real for students, whanau and teachers, continued poor achievement rates is not an option"
- Tangatawhenua.com - 29th June 2012
"You cannot assist any community experiencing adversity from a distance. There is no one-stop-shop approach, each community's needs are different. It is necessary to connect with those on the ground"
- Te Taihauuru weather bomb, August 2012, Te Puni Kokiri
Debbie Packer
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