Silicon Valley trip

South Taranaki youth widen horizons in Silicon Valley

A second delegation of 17 design-thinking digital innovation students will be at Stanford University and in Silicon Valley near San Francisco this month. South Taranaki youth are confronting unprecedented global challenges so it’s important for the Ngāti Ruanui iwi to use its networks to expose them to the kind of learning for a solution-focused culture,

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Ngapuhi leader Sonny Tau

Oranga Tamariki difficult to partner with – Iwi leaders

Iwi leaders say dealing with Oranga Tamariki is difficult and frustrating and it’s going to take huge improvements before a partnership between them will work. From next month, new legislation will require the Children’s Ministry to work with Māori, but several iwi say the agency overrides them, withholds information and is inflexible. When Ngāti Ruanui

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Debbie 2018

Iwi need to lead justice reform

A south Taranaki iwi leader says iwi and Māori need to drive the next stage of criminal justice system reform to ensure the outcome addresses Māori needs. Ngāti Ruanui kaiarataki Debbie Ngarewa Packer says the public response to He Waka Roimata, the first report of the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group, shows large sections

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ngati ruanui

Ngāti Ruanui shuns greedy Big Oil

Ngāti Ruanui shuns greedy Big Oil attempt to save future attempts at sunset industry exploration Ngāti Ruanui shuns the new Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) advertising campaign starting tonight (Monday). It lobbies New Zealanders to ignore the seriousness of climate change. “Status Quo is not an option. “This Government- which has

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Iwi slams Oranga Tamariki

Government department hires company to spy on South Taranaki iwi

Security company Thompson & Clark Investigations was asked to monitor “issue motivated groups” such as the South Taranaki iwi Ngāti Ruanui. That’s according to a new State Services Commission report commissioned by Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods. The security company was given the profiles and newsletters of groups opposing oil and gas exploration and

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Blackface santa parade

Blackface incident “racist and dehumanising” – Iwi leader

Ngāti Ruanui iwi leader, Debbie Ngarewa Packer has called the actions of a community group racist after they donned blackface in a Christmas street parade. Six members of the Hawera Mt View Lions group painted their faces black as they rode along a float yesterday evening. Ngāti Ruanui iwi leader Debbie Ngārewa-Packer is appalled at

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Blackface santa parade

‘Racist’ Santa parade float stuns small Taranaki town

A racist Santa parade float has stunned the South Taranaki town of Hawera. Members of the Mt View Lions Club are under fire for wearing black face and Afro wigs on their parade float. Photos from the Hawera parade show six people wearing wigs and with their faces painted black – being towed on a

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miro partnership

Miro – A Limited Partnership

Miro is a Limited Partnership – governed by a General Partner named Hautupua GP Limited. The governing Board of Miro comprises specialist skills with expertise in law, indigenous business models, iwi and Māori governance, commerce and finance, horticultural management and export, technology innovation, Māori economic and community development, international marketing, and capital raising. Read full

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Miro berries in Patea

Iwi miro berry plantation to provide jobs in Pātea

Could miro be the next health craze? Ngāti Ruanui is maximising the opportunities offered by the native berry to create employment for their people. With an abandoned hospital and freezing works left to deteriorate, lack of employment in Pātea is at a tipping point. Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui CEO, Debbie Ngārewa-Packer says, “That doesn’t

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