seabed mining - we won

Seabed Mining decision – WE WON!!!

Debbie Packer reveals the news – “Pass it in Whanau – We won! We won! If we can beat this we can beat Covid. We are really stocked… we’ll give you a briefing later on. Seabed Mining decision – WE WON!!! Posted by Deb Ngarewa-Packer on Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Love Not Hate

I’m a simple person so I see things real basic… We live side by side on a small planet which thrives or dies based on what we throw out or at it. The consequences of our disregard has manifested over years into climate change, now we are putting in laws to manage what we throw

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Poor Turn-out of Local Government Voters

I’m concerned at the poor turn-out of local government voters, particularly given we have some amazing candidates who have courageously put themselves forward. For me, I think it shows a growing disconnection from Maori who are not being engaged and are not being encouraged to participate. Local Government make decisions on our immediate environment, who

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