Love Not Hate

I’m a simple person so I see things real basic… We live side by side on a small planet which thrives or dies based on what we throw out or at it. The consequences of our disregard has manifested over years into climate change, now we are putting in laws to manage what we throw at earth (Papatuanuku).  Same with our words and thoughts… we live side by side and determine who thrives or dies by what we say, do and think, what direction we determine albeit formally ie laws & policies or informally behaviour. The consequences of our words, actions, behaviours manifests into extremists, to normalisation of racists prepared to commit terrorism and kill 50 innocent Muslims! Into poor stats where indigenous people & minorities have high suicide, disparity rates. Or into thriving people that empower and uplift. My point being exactly what our ancestors said… everything we do, say, think has a consequence – we get to determine if we want those consequences to be good or bad. In a world whose future youth are facing the largest challenges ever known to mankind we need to learn weapons aren’t always in the form of guns…
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